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    BO.NAIL Natural Nail Sanitizer 250 ml

The essential natural nail surface cleaner. BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the natural nail plate. BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer is an important part of your preparation procedures for application of enhancements or nail enamel as it improves adhesion and reduces lifting. Prolongs the wearability of nail enamels. Removes contaminants from the nail plate.

Features & benefits

  • Natural nail surface cleaner
  • Cleanses and dehydrates
  • Improves adhesion and reduces lifting of gel, acrylic, fiberglass and nail enamel
  • Prolongs wearability of nail enamels
  • Removes contaminants from the nail plate


Saturate a nail wipe with BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer and rub into the entire nail plate. Do not apply over tips. Do not use a nail brush to apply BO. Natural Nail Sanitizer. Ensure that you do not recontaminate the nail prior to application of your product. Apply your product e.g. gel, acrylic, fibreglass, nail enamel.

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