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Crystal clear. Medium viscosity. Create strong, natural looking nails in a faster way with BO. Builder Gels. BO. Builder Gels wear naturally and are ideal for tip overlays and sculpting on forms. This LED/UV formula has slow and even self-levelling properties, which gives you total control and workability. They are odor-free and have a permanent high gloss shine.

Curing time: 30 seconds LED 

Capacity: 45g

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BO. Spider Gel is the perfect addition to your nail art product collection. The BO. Spider Gel has an elastic consistency which allows you to create sharp, straight lines and dramatic geometric designs. Add a simple yet effective design to your gorgeous nails with BO. Spider Gel.

Add an extra effect by rubbing pigment into the tacky layer of the BO. Spider Gel. Available in black and white.