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AcryGel Soft Pink – full cover color suitable for full cover applications and babyboom applications.

AcryGel offers the strength of acrylic and the flexibility of a gel. This system gives you complete control over your application – you control your speed. BO. AcryGel is the best of both systems; it gives you more time to sculpt than acrylic does and also cures on demand like a gel. You now have total control and workability when combined with the BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon and the Spatula. BO. AcryGel has no odor and minimal heat spikes during curing.

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BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon is used in combination with the BO. AcryGel Application Tool and gives perfect control over the BO. AcryGel application. With the BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon, your application brush is moist and allows you to perfectly sculpt your nail without product sticking in the application brush. This gives you a beautiful, smooth surface and reduces the amount of filing necessary.

It is recommended to use this BO. AcryGel Liquid Watermelon in combination with the BO. AcryGel system.

100 ml