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Soakable No Wip Top Gel – gives nails a smooth and high-shine finish and protects the BO. Soakable Gel Polish from fading or dulling. The name says it all “no wipe” and that’s exactly what it is. Your application is finished after curing, no cleansing necessary.

Curing: 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED

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Soakable Matte Top Gel is a Top Gel with a difference. The BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel not only acts as a sealer to the underlying colors, but creates the most amazing matte finish without the need to file or buff the surface! Soakable Matte Top Gel has a dispersion layer and needs to be cleansed with BO. Gel Cleanser after curing. Soakable Matte Top Gel can be just as quickly and easily removed using BO. Soakable Gel Remover. The matte finish offers unlimited design opportunities! Try out a Fun French (matte nailbed and shiny free edge), or alternatively let you imagination run wild by adding lines, dots or splashes of BO. Soakable Top Gel on top of the BO. Soakable Matte Top Gel to create differences in textures and shine.

Curing: 120 sec. UV / 30 sec. LED

Capacity: 15 ml

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A Soak Off base that can be removed with a Remover. Creates an ideal coating on the nail for gel polishes. t is the first step on nail plates for optimal adhesion and prevents BO from lifting. 

Capacity 15 ml

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Glass Top Gel No Wipe leave your nails with a high shine for up to 4 weeks. Our Glass Top Gel is a thinner version of Top Gel No Wipe. It is HEMA and di-HEMA free, non-dulling, scratch resistant, non-yellowing and does not change light or dark colors. It is flexible and can be used in gel, acrylic and gel polish system. Glass Top Gel does not have an inhibition layer.

Capacity : 15 ml

Polymerization time: 60 seconds