Modeling Gel - a series of building gels, designed for advanced nail stylists. Based on years of experience and knowledge, we have selected gels that will meet the expectations of the most demanding nail tech. We have opted for quality, functionality and reliability of the products. The gels will prove themselves during everyday work in your salon or master styling.

Competition Cover

This is a thick construction gel that provides full control over the product. It is ideal for salon, championship or extreme nail shape building. The gel does not run off to the sides, so instead of constantly controlling the product and correcting the shape, you can focus on proper application and nail construction. Its color is close to the nail plate, giving a natural finish to our nail design. 


  • thick builder gel,
  • has optimal coverage,
  • provides full control over the product,
  • does not flow to the sides,
  • does not yellow,
  • does not deform after clamping,
  • Ideal for construction or rebalancing,
  • works well in building extreme shapes, construction french or Natural Look styling,
  • Thanks to its consistency, it is suitable for building and laying the wall with a brush, without the need to file it
  • imitates the natural color of the nail plate.

Total polymerization time: 90-120 seconds.

Directions for use:

Prepare the natural nail plate. 

Apply an acid-free Air Dry Bonder primer. For more demanding nails, replace the primer with a base or transparent gel, such as Pure Clear. To do this, apply a thin layer of base or Pure Clear gel and cure in a lamp for 30 seconds. 

Build up the nail with Competition Cover gel. Remember not to apply too thick a layer. Polymerization time is 90-120 seconds and depends on the thickness and power of the lamp. 

Rinse the gel with UV Cleanser.

Apply the shape. 

Apply Top Gel No Wipe NORIKO NAILS,. 

The optimal polymerization time is influenced by the efficiency of the lamp, its power and wavelength.

For best results, we recommend using 24W-48W lamps with a wavelength of 395-405 nm.

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